The One with Daffy Duck and Others

I don’t usually get to say this… no, erase that… I never thought that I’d get to say this: I got to eat duck’s tongue for dinner.

I can say that my adventurous streak extends well up to my palate and stomach so during my month long stay in Bangkok I didn’t miss the opportunity to explore some of it’s “intriguing” delicacies:

Duck’s tongue – Recommended by my boss, I just had one uncomfortable thought going through my mind as I partake my first chewy and bony combination of a duck’s tongue: I was eating Daffy Duck’s tongue. I know it was a bit of a morbid thought but once said out loud by teammate, I couldn’t get the poor creature out of my head which made my dinner not so enjoyable (I finished about 5 of it though). Daffy duck aside, the taste and texture was kind of normal for me, much like eating chicken feet cooked into my own favorite Filipino dish adobo. For the not so palate-adventurous people though, other Chinese-Thai dishes are also served at the  Ngwanlee Lungsuan Restaurant.


Bangkok street food – And of course, I just had to try some of their famous street food. After an afternoon shopping sojourn at the Platinum Mall, we found ourselves out in the street, sitting on the mall steps eating fried frogs, worms, crickets and mosquitoes. At 40 baht, the vendor can sell you a mixed order of everything. My verdict? Pushing thoughts of Kermit aside, it was very crunchy and surprisingly very very tasty! It had just the right amount of saltiness and crispiness, well just like munching on junk food (potato chips or tortillas).

It’s so easy to lose yourself in everything delicious and bizarre the Thai food world can offer, I’m sure I haven’t even experienced half of it. But yes, when all else fails though, I went for my safe pad thai and kaao pad.





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