The One that Got Chang’d

Do you know what they say about having an illicit affair/ forbidden love? That it’s both love and pain at the same time? After having a combination of a spicy Penang Curry and a cold strong Chang Beer for dinner, I can say it feels much like one.

I’m a beer lover but not really a curry lover and for my Day 7 on a Friday night in a work-related trip in Bangkok, I couldn’t resist trying this must-try combination according to South East Asia Backpacker.

I’ve learned my lesson the hard way when ordering meals the first time I was here in Bangkok. So this time when I ordered my Penang Curry at Queen of Curry I requested for a “mild spicy” version (which was still quite hot for my Filipino tongue) but very flavorful. And when paired with a strong cold Chang Beer (at 6.4% alcohol-content, it’s reputed to give you a killer “changover“), the combination really hits the spot. The Chang Beer, though strong, has a sweetness to it but when drank together with a spicy Penang Curry, the bitterness clashes wonderfully against the spicy taste of the curry. I actually ended the meal feeling lightheaded.

Yes, I can’t imagine going over more than one serving of this lethal combination and just like an affair, one serving is just enough for anyone to handle.


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