The One with the Siomai

If the world ends in December 2012 and all that were left in a post-apocalyptic world is me and a supply of siomai, I would be the happiest person on earth (well, I would be the only person on earth anyway).

But I’m not talking about any siomai. Last Tuesday, we checked out 101 Hawker Food House along Urban Avenue in Makati (near Makati Medical Center) for my couple friends’ birthday celebration. We’ve been addicted to trying out “hole-in-the-wall” type of restaurants and finally able to check out this one.

We started with possibly the world’s tastiest siomai. At first we thought we were just hungry and needed something to nibble before the main course arrives. But when the siomai arrived, it actually became the main course! The crab filling was very tasty. We consumed five plates and yes, fought over the last one.

The dumplings are not bad but when ordered together with the siomai, it just became a regular ordinary dumpling you can find in the middle of a mall in a food stand.

The Kung Pao Chicken, a stir-fry dish has a very spicy kick. It goes well with the Yang Chow rice we also ordered.

The salt and pepper spareribs was a bit dry, though.

When I heard we were ordering “cereal prawn” I thought it was some psycho-looking seafood “serial prawn”. It’s deep-fried prawn in butter covered with crunchy grain oat flakes, chili slices and fresh curry leaves, popular in Singapore. Very tasty!

To complete the Singapore-ish experience, Teh Tarik and Tsingtao Beer can also be ordered at 101 Hawkers.

The average meal costs about PhP 160 per person, it’s very cheap for a very tasty meal and quite big serving. We even had leftovers to take home.

Apparently, the place is always packed during lunch hour and sometimes there are even long lines. Well it’s not surprising, for the siomai alone, I am definitely joining the horde.


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