The One with all the LSS

This probably sounds like the most cliche line of all time: “I love the journey more than the destination“.

I love the movement. I love knowing the fact that I’m at point X and will be at point Y later. I love the passing moments and thinking time while on the road: plane, bus, train, ship, jeepney, where-have-you. And also because I love the travel time as my excuse to just zone out and listen to music.

So wherever I go, here are my top five songs I never leave home without:

1. Matt Wertz- Everything’s Right
This is my all time favorite song while on the road be it on top of a jeepney all excited for a climb up North or in a crowded bus on the way to work. It always makes me feel, as the song goes, “hey, everything’s right, said everything’s right tonight“.

2. Jason Mraz- The Remedy
I travel to break the monotony of everyday life. And though life can sometimes get a little too complicated, there’s a, as the song goes “remedy”, this song reminds me not to worry my life away.

3. Calvin Harris- Feel So Close
It’s a feel good song that often takes me to some place where I’m driving a convertible, and yes with a bandana tied around my hair and an oversize sun glasses!

4. Incubus- Drive
From my all-time favorite band, the lyrics say it all “whatever tomorrow brings, I’ll be there, with open arms and open eyes.”

5. Mike Doughty- Looking at the World from the Bottom of a Well
A very catchy song that I just love playing over and over on the road.


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